Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Human Condition

          After creating the found footage video, being able to shoot my own video seemed like it would be easy. However, it was not. Well, it wasn't until I found my concept. I decided to look into the concept of the human condition, particularly focusing on curiosity, isolation, and a fear of death. The human condition is supposed to surpass all details like gender, race, and class; it links humans together. What excited me the most about this project was the cooperation I received from my friends. Two people assisted me in the film, Marissa, the actress, also offered to create a small original score for the film with harp. Christy, another friend and vocalist, also offered to collaborate in the musical piece. I feel very lucky that they lent their musical art to my short art film. I may not have used as many filters and transitions as I did in my found footage film, but I do feel like I pushed myself further in other ways using the Final Cut Pro software. I especially appreciated the opacity and overlay features for this project, as I feel it allowed me to express something that would have been potentially difficult in the previous versions of the software. If I could change anything, however, it would be I would have remembered to remove the actress's keys, as they advertise Lawrence University, which places too fine a point on her location, removing ambiguity.


  1. The harp had a haunting raw yet polished sensibility. The footage shot with the yellow autumn leaves moving through space, being walked through worked very well visually.

  2. I think you did a great job of creating a sense of curiosity and also impending doom or something of the sort (relating to fear of death) with the way you layered and manipulated the images, especially with the leaves, and also the soundtrack I thought worked very well to add even more of a sense of mysteriousness.