Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Superheroes on the Wall

Previous Mudd Show
          After working on this project for so long, continuing to hone, edit, and refine my photographs, it was very satisfying to be able to actually place them into an art gallery. After receiving my magazine (as mentioned in the last post) from Magcloud, I was able to view my series as a set on paper. I enjoyed the objectness of it, and was excited about the magazines being on display at the gallery. Facebook was used a tool to promote the Mudd Gallery exhibition. Considering Mary Ann Doane's concept that "technologies of mechanical and electronic reproduction, from photography through digital media, appear to move asymptomatically toward immateriality," suggests that immateriality and use of digital media on computers is potentially the preferred media for viewing art in today's society. After experiencing the "Watching" gallery opening at which all twelve of our magazines lay out on pedestals for the visitors to touch and hold, it was clear that immateriality was not preferred for these visitors. Several visitors attended the opening and it appeared that most of their attention was turned toward the magazines. It was obvious people were interested in being able to actually pick up the magazines and interact with them directly. After selecting the final key images from our projects, the Mudd Gallery was a very successful venue to present them to the public, especially paired alongside with the magazines. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Superheroes in Print

          When considering the magazine on Magcloud, I decided I absolutely needed to reshoot my models. I shot my newer photos with diversity in mind and I feel like the flow is much better now, versus my original Flickr set. I also noticed the Magcloud set has taken on a new, deeper meaning. I have paired the images in the Magcloud set, rather than the former presentation of the unwatched followed by the public surveillance identity. My creative process was most definitely influenced by using the magazine as a venue. Personally, I feel as though the flow in the magazine makes every two images a singular entity, or perhaps a comparison. Overall, the magazine still contains my original concept, which was very important to me when considering sequence. For the future, I have been searching for more models to add, which will take the project to an even higher level. I will utilize more settings and more superhero logos to convey my concept. By having more models, the overarching idea of public versus private identity will come across more clearly, rather than having just the three models.