Monday, March 5, 2012


          After several weeks and several revisions, my video collaboration with Alyssa Herman is finally finished! I have included the video below. I created the video, while Alyssa created the soundscape. We worked very independently, but always kept contact throughout our processes, which I found very helpful. I enjoyed the collaboration experience greatly.

          After seeing all the finished collaborative videos, Bourriaud’s chapter on screen relations in Relational Aesthetics really came full circle. The videos themselves are about relational aesthetics, utilizing found text as the subject. Then, another layer of relational aesthetics becomes apparent when considering how the sound changes and interacts with the images. As mentioned during the introduction at the showing, the soundscapes often referenced subtleties of the video that were not necessarily on screen at any given time. I have a better grasp, after working collaboratively, on how important and utterly transforming sound can be for a video.


  1. I agree that after being involved in this collaborative project the entire concept of sound creating an image makes a lot more sense. It is really crazy how much sound can change the meaning of an image.

  2. We note that you have dealt with issues of technology in everyday life for quite awhile and this critique of the hand written versus the seductive smoothness of the "screen" takes your inquiry to another level. Your video would suggest that you, like Bourriaud, believe we live in "the age of the screen"...